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Thursday, 7 May 2015

17 Hilarious But True Differences Between Men And Women | World inside pictures

17 Hilarious But True Differences Between Men And Women | World inside pictures:

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Men and women are the same? Actually we are all human but there are a few differences between. In the article below you could see some differences between men and women explinet with really humorous pictures. When i sew all this i think how i did not think of that. Yes they are really noticeable. Just see the photos and you can see how women are a more complex than the men. Take a look below and see this funny true differences. Enjoy!

1 On packing:

2. On text messaging the opposite sex:

3. On going to the bathroom:

4. On getting ready for work:


5. On break ups:

6. On toilets:

7. On Facebook:

8. On getting a haircut:

9. On body image:

10.  On bed divisions:


11. On desktops:

12. On seeing another woman:

13. On video games:

14. On clothing:

15. On shampoos:

16. On getting ready:

17. On taking a shower:

18source   Collage Source:


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