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Friday, 24 April 2015

Distractify | 20 Childhood Punishments That Are Actually Rewards When You're An Adult

Distractify | 20 Childhood Punishments That Are Actually Rewards When You're An Adult:

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Time outs.

"Who wouldn't want a break to do nothing?" "Sorry boss, can't work on that project. I have to go sit in a corner for 20 minutes." say Redditors akoss2k and RandyDazzle.

Having to sit next to a member of the opposite sex.

"Then: Cooties! Now: Call me?" said Redditor DoofNoofer.

Eating vegetables.

There was a time when sitting down to a plate full of "green stuff" seemed cruel and unusual. Now I could LIVE on big salads!

Playing an instrument.

Source: mujitra
"My parents made me do 2 hours of piano practice after dinner for "punishment" instead of being out with my friends. Now, I can't wait to get to the keyboard as soon as possible after dinner," said BacktoBach.

Being told to 'go play outside'.

"My mom used to send us outside when we were too whiny or making messes inside. Now that I'm trapped inside all day for work--I'd LOVE for someone to banish me to the great outdoors!"

Hot sauce.

"My mom used to put hot sauce in my mouth for swearing. I would cry for hours, you'd think I was literally dying. Now, I fucking LOVE hot sauce," said rfjordan.

Shopping for clothes.

"My mother always hated taking me clothes shopping, I would drag my feet and wail and feel like I was going to DIE from boredom! And my feet hurt, I'm hungry, I've got a headache, and no I don't want that and why can't we go to the toy store instead? Now buying clothes is how I treat myself."

Hanging out with your family.

Source: theilr
When you're a kid "family time" might as well have been a death sentence. Now we all live far away from each other and complain about how little we get to hang out!

Bath time.

Source: familymwr
"When I grew up we only had a bathtub so I was forced every day to sit in that motherfucker for like 30 minutes in order to have my bath. I hated it and I was so impatient. Just lying there doing nothing. Today I'd love to have a bathtub...and the time to take one," says Nysen.

Going to school.

Source: cali4beach
As a kid going to school for 8 hours every day seemed like pure torture. Now sitting and learning cool stuff all day--for free--sounds like paradise.

Not being invited to stuff.

Source: charamelody
Or not being able to hang out with your friends because you were grounded. "If people cancel plans on me as an adult I rejoice," says Takeouttacos.

Having to say you're sorry.

Source: maroonsurreal
Kicked your brother? Broke mom's special vase? Most of the time, an apology got you off the hook. Too bad that doesn't work in adult life.

Saving money.

When a kid gets a few dollars they want to spend it on a new toy or candy immediately. As an adult, "that brand new toy you wanted? Nope. Money's going straight to the bank. Yay, savings," admits DontStopNowBaby.

Sharing your stuff.

Remember when splitting the last piece of cake with your sibling was pure torture? Now I'm like "Want to split this cab? Appetizer? Apartment?"

The silent treatment. 

Being ignored sucked as a kid, now would kill for an hour of complete quiet. 

Tasting alcohol. 

"When I was being obnoxious as a kid, my dad would give me a sip of beer which was so gross it would shut me up instantly. Now I spend an obnoxious amount of money on beer just so I can talk to girls."


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