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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

11 People Who Don’t Care About Your Rules | Awareness

11 People Who Don’t Care About Your Rules | Awareness:

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Rules were made to be broken, especially when hilarious pranksters take them much too literally. If someone says there can’t be vans in the driveway, of course an awesome prankster is going to leave their Vans tennis shoes right in front of the sign. The opportunity is too ripe!
Here’s 11 photos of hilariously daring rule-breakers who do what they want, when they want.

1. No Diving

1(via Bro My God)

2. No Vans in Drive

(via memebase)

3. After Eight… Before Eight3

(via imgur)

4. Do Not Set Below 70 Degrees

5. Leaving the Seal Unbroken

(via imgur)

6. Don’t Tell Me How to Eat a Kit Kat

(via izismile)

7. No Grownups

8. No Golf Allowed
(via imgur)

9. I Refuse

(via funnyjunk)

10. Father and Son Rule-Breakers

(via little white lion)

11. The Star Hole-Punch Bandit in Full Force

11(via heheland)
Collage sources: 1) Bro My God 2) funnyjunk 3) izismile


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