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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Business phrases, jargon and business cliches - SaidWhat

Business phrases, jargon and business cliches - SaidWhat:

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Business speak is full of jargon, and fairly meaningless phrases masquerading as English. To help you decode what they may mean, we've compiled a list of some of the most common. Know any others? Then send them to us!
You can even score your own phrase!
Best of Breed
Context: If we're going to survive in this market, we'll need to challenge the best of breed

Meaning: Our service is rubbish compared to our biggest competitors. Similar: Best in class.


Context: We'll develop you a bespoke solution

Meaning: We won't flog you the mass market solution - we'll actually develop something specifically for you.
Big Hitter

Context: I'm in awe of that Exec - he's a really Big Hitter

Meaning: Someone powerful within the confines of the company. Variant: hard hitter.
Blue Sky Thinking

Context: Let's start with a blank sheet of paper and do some blue sky thinking and see what happens

Meaning: this is similar to thinking 'out of the box' and is supposed to be a situation where you come up with ideas taking into account no preconceptions and not dismissing ideas instantly
Brain Dump

Context: Have a brain dump and see what you come up with

Meaning: Brainstorm
Core Competencies

Context: We need to focus on our core competencies in order to maintain our edge in the marketplace

Meaning: What you/your company does well
Customer Centric

Context: We need to be customer centric from now on

Meaning: Since ultimately we sell to the customer, we might as well listen to what they're saying. Similar: customer driven.
Cutting Edge

Context: This is cutting edge technology we're using

Meaning: This is the most recent version. Slightly less bugs.
End to End

Context: Let's visualise the process end-to-end

Meaning: Let's work out the whole process

Context: What's the E.T.A. on this report?

Meaning: short for Expected time of arrival, ie how long will it take to get it finished.
First Mover

Context: If we launch 3G now, we'll have first mover advantage

Meaning: If we pay massive advertising costs to educate customers about this new development, we'll hopefully have the advantage of getting lots of customers. If not, we've paid to educate people whilst other companies with no ad costs will reap the rewards.
Going Forward

Context: I think it's important that, going forward, you continue to manage the project pro-actively.

Meaning: In the future
Go To Market

Context: We need to update our go-to-market strategy.

Meaning: Cross your fingers

Details or detail-oriented.
High level

Context: Remember the more important you are, the more you're concerned with high level thinking

Meaning: Similar to the big picture, this is taking an overall view rather than looking at the nitty-gritty detail
In the Last Day

as in, "New Data on Infrastructure in the Last Day" This is used in an Info Tech (IT) context. I don't think its meaning is Biblical, but I'm having trouble grappling with it...
Joined Up

Context: From now on this company will only engage in joined up thinking

Meaning: Looking at things from the wider point of view rather than with a narrow focus
Leading (Market)

Context: I want to develop a market leading proposition

Meaning: I want to develop something better than our competitors.
Leverage (the Proposition)

Context: See if you can leverage the proposition with them over point 2b, sub-para 5, clause 2

Meaning: Getting some value out of a certain situation for you/your project goals
Low Hanging Fruit

Context: We started off by removing the low hanging fruit, before looking at the tougher problems

Meaning: The bits that can be done quickly and easily but still have an effect. Origin: unknown, and that's probably a good thing.
Manage Expectations

Context: Make sure that you manage expectations so that they're not disappointed if we can't deliver

Meaning: Make sure people expect realistic outcomes from a project - e.g. not too much

We no longer document things, we 'memorialize' things.
Mission Critical

Context: Handling the pressure of the project OK? I mean, it is mission critical!

Meaning: If we don't deliver with this project, we're screwed. It's pretty important!
On the Planet

This is the greatest product on the planet. Chiefly indicates the megalomania of the utterer or the utterer's firm. What other planet would the product be on, for Cripe's sake?
Out of the box

Context: It'd be great if you could think out of the box and generate some radical ideas

Meaning: Don't just come up with the same old obvious solutions, try and be creative when brainstorming ideas.
Out of Pocket

Context: I'll be out-of-pocket for the next two days and won't finish the project.

Meaning: I'm shacking up with my girlfriend - leave me alone.

Context: I think we need to be a bit pro-active here

Meaning: If you don't keep on pestering someone about this, nothing will happen
Push Back

Context: Can you just push back on that point and get him to amend his stance?

Meaning: Try to get someone to change their mind, or debate a point, by questioning someone's opinion
Quick Win

Context: Please come up with a list of quick wins we can look to implement

Meaning: Things that are fairly simple (in terms of time and/or cost) and will help improve the situation with regards to a project/product

Context: Before taking this to market, let's make sure it's robust

Meaning: Let's be sure it doesn't break down within the first few months

Context: It's a great solution for 100 customers, but is it Scalable?

Meaning: Will it work for lots of people as well as just a few?

Context: Ideally our customers would experience a seamless proposition

Meaning: Our customers want one, easy relationship with us no matter how they contact us

Context: Let's be pro-active in our brainstorming of solutions

Meaning: I haven't got a clue how to fix this - any ideas?

Context: There's a lot going on in the moment in that space

Meaning: There's a lot of activity in that area in that moment, e.g. development of e-mail tools.
State of the Art

Context: This is great - it's a state of the art solution

Meaning: Really good, the best, most modern solution
Take offline

Context: I think that's a separate issue, so can you take it offline please?

Meaning: Discuss the point further outside the meeting / at another time. Bizarrely, nothing whatsoever to do with being online as in on the internet.
Take ownership

Context: I think it's up to you to really take ownership of the piece of work

Meaning: You need to get a grip and be responsible for the piece of work
Team Player

Context: Jonesy from accounts is a real team player

Meaning: Someone who is not just out for themselves but works well with others and has a concern for their well-being
The Big Picture

Context: I think it's important that we remember to look at the big picture

Meaning: The overall situation, e.g. when working on a small aspect of a project it is helpful to remember the project as a whole
The New World

Context: Of course, in the new world things will look a little different

Meaning: The structure of a company after a re-structure or major shake-up.
Touch Base

Context - "I need to touch base with Fred on this one."

Meaning - "I need to go a speak to fred about something"

Context: I'm concerned. We're working hard, but not getting much traction on this.

Meaning: Despite our best efforts, no-one is doing what we want and that's stopping our progress with what we want to do.

Context: I'm striving for that illusive thing - the turnkey solution

Meaning: A solution that really opens doors - hence turn key. Funny really. From reader Ian: A turn key solution is one that once in place and the 'key is turned' is then ready for use straight away not one that opens doors.

Context: During your career it's important to ensure you continue to upskill 
Meaning: To improve your marketability and worth to a company by developing your skills
Win win

Context: Try and see if you can come up with a win-win situation

Meaning: A situation that is good for people on both sides. A bit of a myth and so management are pretty keen on asking for it.


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