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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Top 10 South African names – courtesy of our ever-inventive Home Affairs

Top 10 South African names – courtesy of our ever-inventive Home Affairs:

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Top 10 South African names – courtesy of our ever-inventive Home Affairs

Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of interesting names and even surnames in SA, and even if you manage to look past the existentialist names so often assigned to the more… naturist offspring, there are still the locals to account for. Despite parents taking creative license and potentially ruining their children’s childhoods, it seems Home Affairs has taken it to the next level, have a look.

Michael Jackson, it seems the Prince of Pop has found life after death in the ‘motherland’.

Captain Morgan Ndlovu, must have been a Home Affairs office party that inspired this one.

 Victor Dont-Worry, don’t worry, Victor… we’ll have it sorted as soon as we figure out how to spell.
dont worry

Two-Rand Ndlovu, ah the days before inflation.
two rand

Matric Examsion, obviously not.

 Thoko Promise Magagula, so liberal.

Foki Voeltjie Mzizi, wat het die arme voeltjie gedoen?

Pipinyana Pampoen Tsotetsi, Steve would be proud.

Killmequick Jefferey Sanderson, well, with a name like that.

Sundaytimes Koerant Sithole, the media can be cruel.


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